High Yield Bonds - A Unique Double Digit Opportunity in Corporate Debt

With corporate debt markets priced for another Great Depression, High Yield Bonds are in a unique position to outperform equities given recent runups off the lows while providing a high yield income stream for years to come.

In today's low rate interest rate environment, many investors fear that they can no longer attain the income required leaving them getting a loan to keep pace with the inflation that is sure to come given the recent government spending and stimulus packages.

High Yield Bonds via Corporate Debt investment instruments (ETFs, Mutual Funds, Individual Bonds and other exotic instruments) provide a unique risk/reward equation unparalleled in recent times. Given the deleveraging of both financial institutions and individual investors, corporations are issuing debt at high rates just to maintain near term liquidity and maintain operations while funding future growth and the expense of a higher debt load. This is an opportune time for investors with capital to accommodate these market forces.

There are various ways to participate in the Junk Bond rally that is just underway - from purchasing individual corporate bonds to diversifying risk with double-digit yielding Bond ETFs, Mutual Funds and individual corporate paper.

High Yield Corporate Bonds on Individual Corporations

High Yield Bond ETFs combine Blue Chip Safety with Diversification

High Yield Bond Funds offer Actively Managed Bond Performance

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